Scented Soaps Book 13 Aromatic Projects to Make

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To use a scented herbal soap is to partake of an element of ritual used down the centuries. Since time immemorial, aromatic oils, perfumes and herbs have been used to cleanse, anoint and scent the body for hygiene, medicinal purposes, worship and spiritual well-being. Yet today, we take many of the toiletries we use for granted. We don t know how they are made or what goes into them. So why not create some lather in your life and discover the wonderful craft of soap making? The latest ready-to-use melt-and-pour soap bases are fast and easy to use, making it easy to craft, mould and shape fantastic vegetable glycerine soaps. Follow the easy step-by-step techniques and 13 recipes provided in this book and you will be delighted with the results deliciously scented, textured and colourful soaps that you can use to pamper yourself or give to friends and family.

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