Robert Kaufman Just One of Those Days Panel 24


Robert Kaufman fabric, Just One of Those Days

Designed by Darlene Zimmerman, this vintage-looking panel has 8 different pictures, each 8 1/2″ square showing 50’s woman doing everyday tasks:

“It’s Never for Me”- phone
“I’ll never get done”- cooking
“I never have any luck”- appearance
“I shoulda stayed in bed”- sleeping
“I always get stuck”- typing
“It’s too hot”- fan
“I haven’t a thing to wear”- barrel
“Dry your tears here”- crying

On a vintage green-leafed background.

Highest quality 100% Cotton Fabric

The price indicated is for one panel only. The image shows one complete panel. 

Width 60cm Length 112cm

Width 24″ Length 44″

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