1 metre Hessian


Our eco-friendly Natural Hessian 

Also known as jute, and sometimes burlap; There are a huge range of uses for this versatile, breathable product. Perhaps most commonly used in the building and construction industry, hessian protects mortar and brickwork against frost during colder months. It is particularly popular for use with lime mortar, where protection against the elements is necessary to allow carbonation to take place. In summer hessian can be wetted, to stop concrete or cement from drying too quickly.

Hessian can also be used at home to protect plants, as a protective wrap in winter and a sun barrier in summer. It can also be used for arts and crafts applications, at Christmas, weddings, fayres and more.

This is a light weight but still strong, versatile material with many uses – you will not be disappointed with the quality.

Width 40″ ( 102 cm ) 


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