Birds 20 Jewelry and Accessory Designs Book

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Sunny and chirping, birds make us smile. They remind us that spring is here, that the early one catches the worm, and that with wings we can soar. What better icon to incorporate into the jewelry we wear each day, or into the jewelry we give to friends and loved ones, than birds! Birds is the latest addition in the ever-popular MAGPIE series featuring 20 fabulous jewelry and accessory projects to make, all inspired by our fine-feathered friends. Projects include different types of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, cuff links, tie-pins, and headpieces, as well as hair accessories.

Jewelry designer/maker Sophie Robertson guides crafters through a variety of techniques, ranging from decoupage to resin casts, and offers practical information on tools and materials, along with useful tips and problem-solving advice. The projects are easy to follow and are outlined with step-by-step illustrations. Styled shots of the finished projects are shown throughout to inspire and guide.

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